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Somehow I have strep throat, bronchitis and pink eye.
But it was a good weekend.
Guess walking in the rain and frigid hotel rooms made me sick.
But all worth it. ^_^


Well, time is flowing quite nicely here.
I've been gone for about 27 days. Doesn't really feel like it.
It helps that I spend half the day at work.
I accomplished my goal of being the master of DX Ball(game, kinda like alleyway, you know bounce a ball at blocks with a paddle and destroy em). I currently hold the highscore. Mwhahaha.
Been working out everyday, with some breaks. I recently started running since they gave me more half days and days off. There hasn't been a day where I'm not sore ><
Though, I have noticed an increase in my arm size, which is nice.
Lost my watch today. Egh!!!! I'm going to be even more clueless to what day and time it is.
I'll buy a new one when I get home though or I might go to the BX tomorrow and look around.
I usually lose my current watch every 2 years.
I've only lost my sun glasses and my watch so far, so it hasn't been that bad. Some guy misplaced his PSP, thats 250 bucks there.
I can start out processing the base in 5 days. yay!
Upon my return, there will be much eating, DDR'ing, beach, nerding and shows in philly.
Await my return on 6/06/06, only fitting that I return on the day that is the mark of the beast.

I hate my hick room mate

Well, I purchased the internet connection for my room. It's slow, but I don't care. It allows me access to all my favorite sites and AIM.
During the process of running a wire into the room from the outside, the lil(and I do mean little, he was under 5 foot) technican foreign guy was making a racket and turned on the lights in the room. My hick roommate was sleeping at the time and woke up. Unlike normal people who would be understanding to 20-30min of loss of sleep, he proceeds to yell at the guy for doing his job and cusses me out. I bite my lip and apologize. He believes he should have came earlier in the day when he wasn't sleeping. Kinda hard to do that for the entire base since they provide this service to dozens of people a day.
This guy is your 40 something ass wipe who never grew up. He still believes he's better then everyone else. I can tell he is going to bear a grudge about this. Over 20minutes of loss, which most of you know is common, since most of you have had room mates or have common sense.
So, hopefully he realizes hey, it was only a 20minutes, sorry I yelled.
If not, I have no second thoughts about giving him the silent treatment for the next 24 days.
Been awake for almost 24 hours now, tomorrow is my day off. Sleepy time, later.

This place is boring!!! >

Where to begin....
I have access to myspace, livejournal and aim. So yay!
Well, I'm here. It's boring as hell.
I'm about 9 1/2 hours ahead of all of you.
So the times you will find me on AIM will be around 4a.m-6a.m and 1-2p.m usually. Around there.
I'm on the midnight shift, which is 12 hours long. I like that since I hate the hot sun and prefer dark and cool air.
I spend the time at work, on the computer playing roms, reading books, playing on my DS, watching movies, quick naps here and there.
Oh! And occasionaly I fix something. Being that most things are taken care of during the day, nothing is to be done at night. So yea, I have lots of free time to kill.
I share a room/trailer with 7 other guys. 3 of them snore. I don't like those 3.
But the room is nice and air conditioned,has power and the basics to live. I could have internet access for 35 a month. Deciding on that. It's free at the tent i'm at, but i hate lines and times restrictions.
Pretty damn boring here.
They have Salsa nights on monday/sunday so I might go to that and learn some moves.
Sleepy now, more updates/complaining later.

Miss you all.